How to Use the TREMEC Gear Ratio Calculator

When building a vehicle, selecting a TREMEC 5- or 6-speed transmission gives you the opportunity to change the vehicle’s axle gear ratio in order to maximize the driving experience. The TREMEC Gear Ratio Calculator makes it easy to experiment with the affect that various ratios will have on the engine rpm at various speeds, letting you choose the ratio that will be best for the way you want to use your vehicle. Read More “How to Use the TREMEC Gear Ratio Calculator”

How to Prevent Manual Transmission Damage While Flat Towing

Let’s face some facts: Air travel is challenging right now, but you still want to go on vacation. AAA recently reported that it expects Americans to take 700 million trips this summer, and 97% of that travel will be road trips. Many of you will choose a motor home for your road trip to avoid hotel rooms. If your plans include flat-towing (also called dinghy towing) your favorite manual-transmission equipped vehicle, here are some tips to help you do without damaging the transmission.

Read More “How to Prevent Manual Transmission Damage While Flat Towing”

The Differences Between a DCT and a Traditional Automatic Transmission

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology has been around for years. As auto manufacturers strive to further improve fuel economy and powertrain performance, the advantages that a DCT has over a traditional automatic transmission become more desirable. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between a DCT and a traditional automatic transmission. Read More “The Differences Between a DCT and a Traditional Automatic Transmission”

5 Things to Consider When Converting to a TREMEC

The time has come. You’re tired of cruising along with your engine screaming. Gas gauge falling. The clunky shifts of an ancient transmission. Or worse, an automatic shifting the gears for you. The old-school cool of a manual transmission with the modern capabilities of a TREMEC sounds great, but you’re not sure where to start.  Well you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled five key considerations for converting your car to a TREMEC transmission. Read More “5 Things to Consider When Converting to a TREMEC”

Introducing the TREMEC Magnum-F 6-speed for 3rd and 4Th Gen F-Bodies

Owners of 3rd and 4th gen GM F-body cars don’t have to search through the salvage yards and classifieds any longer to find a usable T-56 6-speed. The new TREMEC Magnum-F 6-speed gives owners of the late-model Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird a bolt-in manual transmission option capable of handling the power output of modern, high-performance engines. Read More “Introducing the TREMEC Magnum-F 6-speed for 3rd and 4Th Gen F-Bodies”

How to Shift Your TREMEC Transmission Like a Hero

To shift like a hero, you need to hit all the gears quickly and properly. That takes practice, knowing your car, knowing your clutch and having a good shifter. With modern, internal shift-rail manual transmissions, shifting like a pro is an achievable goal. To help with that, we talked to one of our customers, who shifts his car to 9-second quarter-mile passes over and over again. Read More “How to Shift Your TREMEC Transmission Like a Hero”

Liberty’s Gears to Shift Your Own Gears with High Horsepower

TREMEC Elite Distributor Liberty’s Gears has been in the business of beefing-up manual transmissions since the days of bell-bottoms and mutton-chop sideburns. Today, Liberty’s Gears is a source for racers and enthusiasts wanting to shift their own gears behind ultra-high-horsepower engines.

Liberty’s Gears was started in 1971 by Joseph Liberty Jr. His career began in GM’s Cadillac division and in his spare time he was a successful drag racer. Experiments in developing improvements to manual transmissions for increased strength and quicker shifts earned him a solid reputation among racers across the country. Eventually he stopped racing and focused entirely on the manual transmission business, building Liberty’s Gears into an international supplier of upgraded manual transmissions and manual transmission parts. Read More “Liberty’s Gears to Shift Your Own Gears with High Horsepower”

Which Transmission Fluid Should Be Used in Your TREMEC Transmission?

What’s the most common question our TREMEC product support specialists get asked? That’s easy – but you might be surprised. The No. 1 question is: Which transmission fluid should I use?

We get it. You want to make sure you’re using the correct fluid to protect your TREMEC transmission. And there are lots of choices.

So we decided to make things easier: The transmission fluid you should use is TREMEC HP-MTF High Performance Manual Transmission Fluid. Read More “Which Transmission Fluid Should Be Used in Your TREMEC Transmission?”

TREMEC TR-4050 Off-Road Manual Transmission Solution

For performance cars, muscle cars and hot rods, TREMEC is a natural choice for a manual transmission. But being able to upgrade a Jeep or pickup truck to a world-class 5-speed with that same smoothness and confidence has not been quite as clear-cut. Until now.

TREMEC and Elite Distributor Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) have worked together to create an answer: a new TREMEC TR-4050 package. Read More “TREMEC TR-4050 Off-Road Manual Transmission Solution”