How to Shift Your TREMEC Transmission Like a Hero

To shift like a hero, you need to hit all the gears quickly and properly. That takes practice, knowing your car, knowing your clutch and having a good shifter. With modern, internal shift-rail manual transmissions, shifting like a pro is an achievable goal. To help with that, we talked to one of our customers, who shifts his car to 9-second quarter-mile passes over and over again. Read More “How to Shift Your TREMEC Transmission Like a Hero”

Liberty’s Gears to Shift Your Own Gears with High Horsepower

TREMEC Elite Distributor Liberty’s Gears has been in the business of beefing-up manual transmissions since the days of bell-bottoms and mutton-chop sideburns. Today, Liberty’s Gears is a source for racers and enthusiasts wanting to shift their own gears behind ultra-high-horsepower engines.

Liberty’s Gears was started in 1971 by Joseph Liberty Jr. His career began in GM’s Cadillac division and in his spare time he was a successful drag racer. Experiments in developing improvements to manual transmissions for increased strength and quicker shifts earned him a solid reputation among racers across the country. Eventually he stopped racing and focused entirely on the manual transmission business, building Liberty’s Gears into an international supplier of upgraded manual transmissions and manual transmission parts. Read More “Liberty’s Gears to Shift Your Own Gears with High Horsepower”