Fastest Stick Shift Vehicles of the Last 30 Years

What is the fastest stick shift car in the world? That’s a question often debated, as it can be answered in many different ways. First, are we talking about the fastest manual-transmission car built by the factory? Currently or ever? Or are we talking about the fastest one created by custom-fabrication shops and racers? Instead of choosing one, we decided to pull together a list that looks at the fastest in each of those categories.

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Great Manual Transmission Used Cars

While new vehicles offered with an automatic-transmission outnumber those available with a manual transmission, there’s a plethora of used cars on the market that came with a manual transmission. And there are options to fit just about any budget.

Here are our picks for 10 best used manual-transmission cars. We strove for diversity in this list, so we’re willing to bet that one of these will appeal to your stick-shift, four-wheeled passion. And if we left your favorite off the list, post it in the comments! Read More “Great Manual Transmission Used Cars”