2020 TREMEC Equipped Factory Performance Cars

We talk a lot about what a great swap a TREMEC transmission is for your car, but did you know that many of the top American performance cars roll out of the factory with one of our transmissions? This isn’t a new prospect – we’ve been designing and manufacturing transmissions since we got into the business in 1964.

Today – and as it’s been for a number of years – you can shift a TREMEC transmission in 2020 models from Dodge, Ford, and Chevy. TREMEC gearboxes are even being engineered for super-quick shifting at the track and on the street via computer-controlled synchronization, such as our double-clutch transmission (DCT). Read More “2020 TREMEC Equipped Factory Performance Cars”

2020 Events Where You Can Visit the TREMEC Display

The TREMEC trailer will be racking up the miles during the 2020 event season, visiting 20 different states from coast to coast. This includes popular events like the Holley LS Fest, long hauling it with the scores of TREMEC-equipped vehicles on Hot Rod Power Tour, hitting the trails in scenic Moab, Utah, for Easter Jeep Safari and rockin’ it in our backyard at the Woodward Dream Cruise. The TREMEC event schedule is available on Tremec.com, and we’ll continue to update it with new events we’ll be attending. Read More “2020 Events Where You Can Visit the TREMEC Display”