TREMEC-equipped Day-Dreaming at Gateway Classic Cars

If you enjoy classic cars, you may have spent time as a kid looking at a display rack filled with Hot Wheels and/or Matchbox diecasts that helped you live out automotive fantasies long before being old enough to get your driver’s license. One of the modern adult equivalents of that childhood experience is visiting a classic car dealership like Gateway Classic Cars to see the assortment of classic cars and trucks along with other specialty vehicles. But these don’t fit in an easy-to-carry case when it’s time to go home.
Walking up and down the rows we spotted some factory #TREMECequipped cars along with some muscle cars retrofitted with one of our modern manual transmissions. And we fantasized about how cool others would be if they were converted to a TREMEC transmission.
Gateway Classic’s Paul Kazmarek was nice enough to show us around and answer some questions while looking at inventory of inspiring classic cars for sale. Here are the highlights.

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