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13 thoughts on “Have a Suggestion or Request for a Future Article Topic?”

  1. I would like to see an unbiased discussion about realistic horsepower and torque limits of various manual transmissions and clutches. With the advances in turbo technology and potent factory motors a lot of the faster guys are going with way beefed up automatics because its so easy to make more power than a lot of manuals are rated at.
    Also a story on fast/hard shifting techniques (power-shifting/ clutchless upshifts etc) and what their effects are on the lonevity of your trans would be a really neat read. Thanks for listening

  2. Very pleased with my T56 magnum. It’s been good for 5 years now. Had a minor problem that was greatly magnified by a ridiculous customer service process. Rear seal fell out. I called tremec, & instead of just giving the part #, they had to involve an email, a download, print out & fill in a form, mail it off. 2 weeks later, I finally get my seal! & surprise it had a standard Ford part # on it, for $8! I could have been back on the road by dark if they could have done it sensibly. Who wouldn’t shell out $8 to not be shut down for 2 weeks?!

    1. Sorry that you were not satisfied with the customer service experience. We have taken note of your comment and are always looking to improve how we serve our customers. We are very glad that you are enjoying your TREMEC Magnum transmission!

  3. The hydraulic release sleeve is a horrid design that is destined to fail long before the clutch disc wears out. After all these years, why has Tremec not as yet designed a kit to place the release hydraulics OUTSIDE the bell housing?

    1. Seth, while we appreciate your thoughts on the matter, assuming we understand them correctly, we’re going to have to respectfully disagree. For the last 12+ years we have used nothing but the internal concentric slave cylinders and have to say they do the trick quite nicely. Good performance, great packaging… What more could you want? In any case, we should probably let you know that it is not us who designs or produces the release system. Those piece come from other suppliers and are generally specified by our auto maker’s customers. Let us know if you have additional thoughts on the subject. We love hearing from people who aren’t afraid to go against the grain!

  4. i really want to install a five speed in my 67 nova but still see many complaints about many tko 600 not wanting to shift into 3rd gear with rpm i would like to be assured this problem has been taken care off by ther satisfied customers i have a legend lgt 600 in my 70 chevelle and it shifts great at any rpm but they don’t offer the correct shifter location for 67 nova

    1. Jerry, thank you very much for your interest in the TREMEC TKO. Typically when we see a complaint regarding third gear it stems from one of two things: a high-revving engine that grossly exceeds the TKO’s 6,200 rpm rating compounded by the inherent awkwardness of a 2-3 upswing, or the fact that the user has just converted from an earlier 4-speed and thus is not yet comfortable with the way a TKO shifts in comparison. As you may already know, TKO’s self-align to the 3-4 gate and require only a straight push forward with an open palm from second, whereas earlier 4-speeds typically require a more deliberate effort to complete the 2-3 shift. The old “aim for the glove box” T-handle hammering, if you will!

      With over 60,000 units sold, we’re confident in the design and integrity of our box, though we can’t say exact how it compares to the LGT in shift feel or fit into a 1967 Nova. If the shift location is your biggest concern then this probably won’t work so hot, but if the ultimate in shift performance is your goal, then we’d strongly encourage you to take a look at the TREMEC Magnum 6-speed. It is an aftermarket version of our OEM-grade TR-6060, and hands down the best shifting trans on the market. Thank you for leaving a comment!

  5. You cannot purchase a transmission directly from Tremec, I think you should have a blog for current and future customers to come to and read/write about the experiences they have had with the venders that sell your product. Understanding some of the venders modify and upgrade the transmissions they sell and use your good name to sell your product with their name on it. Some do your transmission justice and make a great product better while others run your good name through the mud. This would be a place to see how your venders are doing first hand and determine if you want to keep them and allow them to smear the good product that I know to be Tremec.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for your positive words about our transmissions. It sounds like you may have some comments to share with us about your experience with a dealer, and we definitely want to hear that type of feedback. We have a great group of elite dealers and a growing base of dealers in general so hearing positive and negative feedback from customers is very important to us. Please call our customer service line at 1-800-401-9866 or email us at [email protected]. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jim, and thanks for leaving a comment. Unfortunately there is not a way to add a neutral safety switch from the transmission. The neutral safety switch that comes standard on TKOs (as you are likely aware but we’ll state for anyone viewing who is not) gets its signal from the rear shift rail in the extension housing of the transmission. That rail is removed when converting to the forward shift, and there is no alternative provision on the transmission for the sensor to go. Have you considered going with a safety switch on the clutch pedal instead?

  6. Back in 2007, I replaced the TR3650 5 speed trans in my 2001 Mustang Cobra with a “Viper spec” Tremec T56 that I purchased from D&D Performance. Other than oil leaks from the tail shaft housing That I easily fixed myself (turns out that the tail shaft end seal is the same for the Viper t56 and the 96-04 mustang 5 speed) the t56 has been trouble free.
    Furthermore, I recently added a QuickTime explosion proof SFI steel bellhousing, Maximum Mororsports adjustable clutch cable kit and MaCleod RXT 1200 twin disc clutch to my 2001 Mustang and I like the fact that the Viper T56 and the rest of the driveline will take what ever abuse I throw at it. In other words: peice of mind and solid relability for my supercharged Mustang, especially as I plan to turn up the boost and battle it out against hideous automatic transmission turbo cars!

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